William Danemann  1867 - 1946               Edgar, Peter & Thomas Danemann, 1961


The History of Danemann Pianos

W. Danemann had a reputation for producing high quality piano instruments renowned for their fine tone and touch. From 1893-1980 they produced a wide range of pianos, from small to large uprights, 5' 2" grands, 6' 8" grands and 9' 6" concert grands. Among their customers were British embassies, the P&O Lines, Harrods and many educational institutions. Their pianos were exported world wide including tropicalized versions for India and Africa.

After the 1939-45 war, the company purposely concentrated on building instruments of quality rather than for the mass market. In 1963 Stanley Murdoch, piano buyers for Harrods, commissioned W. Danemann and Company to build "the best upright in the world"; the result was the HS2, based on the classic Danemann upright, but refined to a high degree using the very best materials.


 The company had an excellent reputation for building long lasting instruments , both uprights and grands , for schools and colleges. Thousands of them are still in use every day.

Peter Danemann builds on the long  familiy tradition of  high end woodwork and craftsmanship .  A 7 year apprenticeship in the pianotrade and in restoring antiques and French polishing gave him the perfect combinationof skills to restore fine furniture, both modern and antique.His workshop is equipped to handle any kind of furniture and he takes great pride in his traditional approach to restoration.